Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Flintstones Christmas Episode!

The Flintstones
Wilma brings Fred his dinner

The Flintstones Christmas Special! Here's part of it, anyway! More below.

Take a trip back to Bedrock with Fred, Wilma, Dino the dinosaur, Fred Rubble, Betty Rubble and Mr. Macyrocks in The Flintstones Christmas show! It is the full episode, but (just like the original) there are occasional commericals. Apparently, they had television back in the stone age, complete with rabbit ears!

Season 5, Episode 15. Dino plays a major role in this one, but everybody gets their moments, including a classic one from Betty Rubble in which she tells Santa what she really wants.

The Flintstones

No, they would not make this today. There is all sorts of phenomenal detail of the interior of the Flintstones' home, and everyone has a chance to get off their classic bits.

There were several different Christmas-themed entries of The Flintstones revolving around the usual themes ("A Christmas Carol" and so forth). Now, they all kind of blur together as one big celebration of the holiday.

I think this is an original song sung by Fred!

There's actually a pretty subtle message going on about people finding their true calling that isn't overdone at all and still works to perfection. Thankfully, Fred does not mess up, everything works out great, but things just get crazier and crazier in a completely unexpected fashion. They play it completely straight, which is such a relief when everything these days has to have a "twist" or whatnot.

The background music is classic mid-60s samba, and there is nothing mean-spirited or self-consciously politically correct that is neutered so as to offend nobody.

In other words, it is classic Christmas stuff. It also is one of the top episodes of the entire series. Below is the preview.

This is a very rare episode in which Fred sings - more than once - and they complete songs!

The Flintstones
Happy holidays!


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