Monday, December 22, 2014

A Lost in Space Christmas Wish!

The Robinsons Send their Best Wishes!

Lost in Space Christmas

Lost in Space Christmas

The "Lost in Space" family Robinson, led by John and Maureen, is still roaming the galaxy, having been lost in space these past seventeen years since their 1997 launch. The Robinson family, though, remains in good form and bid you a very Merry Christmas!

Lost in Space robot marta Kristen Christmas

Marta Kristen of "Lost In Space" celebrated Christmas with the Robot during the series' run in the 1960s.

Below, the entire family in what appears to be the original photograph, which was re-used in several different forms.

Lost in Space Christmas

Christmas pops up in "Lost in Space," but even if you're a huge fan of the series, you might have missed it. Notice something in the background below?

Lost in Space Christmas
If you're a fan, you instantly recognize the episode... but I bet you didn't remember that it took place during Christmas!

And this shot below of the entire family even includes Bloop! Oh, and I'm sure Dr. Smith would join in with the good wishes.

Lost in Space Christmas
She's got that green Christmasy look!

Merry Christmas!

Lost In Space Christmas
Dr. Smith got added along with the Robot after they became stars of the show.

Lost in Space Christmas
Bah humbug!

Lost in Space
Happy Holidays!


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